Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 18 of 2013

So far behind, again. I am going to post Week 18 now and then go back and post the previous weeks throughout the week so scroll down for updated entries! I think there was one week where my camera didn't come out of the bag so I did break the streak but some is better than none, yes?

Lots of ball playing going on here! Brynn is trying softball this season. Her coaches are awesome and emphasize having fun so Brynn is having a ball, no pun intended. She is very determined to improve and each game hits a bit better. She also hustles to first faster than I ever expected her to run. Price is playing for the Mets for the 3rd of 4 years. This year he is is mostly playing 1st and occasionally pitching. He has come close to hitting a homerun (bounced off the top of the fence but fell in); we are kinda expecting one any day now. Evan is in his first year on the Mets and plays mostly centerfield. He had has his first base hit already so he has started his "Major" career on a good note! Caleb is playing Junior League (in addition to school ball). He is playing with 13-16 year olds; how odd it was for me to see his teammates drive themselves home after a practice! Nyah was very proud to have made it across the monkey bars without help (she is at the playgrounds next to the ballfields a lot so she has practiced), Jessa has taken a liking to the playhouse, and Caleb can still make my heart stop with his climbing ~ can you see the edge of our newest backyard accessory??

Week 17 of 2013


Caleb made the middle school baseball team this year. It was a wet, short season so I only have pictures from 1 game. Price and Evan are doing well on the Mets... the team has lost a few games and had a big win over the only previously undefeated team. The one picture actually has both boys in it. Jessa all of a sudden one day decided she wanted her nails painted so I went with it though her nails are small and she is wiggly! And the girls are definitely getting their share of time at ballfields even if they don't pay a lick of attention to the games.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 7 of 2013

Thankfully we had one not-so-cold day this week so I was able to get some outside shots... so much more fun and better results taking basketball shots outside vs. in a gym!


The boys lost their first game this week. What a heartbreaker! They were behind by 10 for the entire 1st half and looked like they were on the way to victory by the end but a last minute basket put our team down by one at the final buzzer!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 6 of 2013

I didn't pick up my camera much this week... all but one of the pictures below came from the weekend activities and the one exception came from my camera phone!


This weekend we celebrated the Chinese New Year by attending a festival in Richmond. We attended the same one last year and once again, it was a good time. The girls enjoyed the food, the performance, dressing up, the parade, looking at the Chinese trinkets, and doing some Chinese themed crafts. The boys? Well they enjoyed playing iPod/phone games in the back of the auditorium.




The boys had their second week of basketball. They are now 4-0.



And Monday, Brynn's GS troop had the annual food festival where they sample food from the country they are studying for an upcoming event. Last year they studied China and this year it was Iceland, a bit more challenging. Brynn made blueberry soup (top right corner). It probably would have been great over ice-cream or pancakes but as a soup, it was really sweet!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Girl... Jessa


I am hoping to start doing this with all the kids this year... I tried last year and failed but so far this year I am 1 for 1! Woo hoo! Hopefully I can keep that record past March!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 5 of 2013

What a busy, fun week here!

The county's Father/Daughter dance was on Friday night and this year, Doug had two dates. Brynn was so excited to wear the red dress we bought last year (clearance but a size too big then) and Nyah was equally excited to wear her blue sparkly dress (her favorite color).The picture with Jessa on the left was taken right after I stopped for a moment to fix the girls hair. Jessa decided Nyah's needed a bit more fixing.

Dance Collage

They went out to dinner beforehand and had a great time at the dance. Brynn said it was the best night and the videos Doug took definitely show the girls having a blast. Though she was twirling alone in most of the videos, apparently Nyah led a dance train at one point. And well Brynn is Brynn... wild and funny... in one of the videos she falls on her bottom, gets up, and keep going.

And then we had a birthday... Jessa turned two, though she will tell you she is five or sometimes three. She had a Minnie Mouse birthday and loved every moment of it. I plan on doing a little photo shoot of her in her birthday dress once I get a warm or sunny day (I can't imagine I'll get both) so I'll do a Jessa post soon!


This week also marked the start of basketball season for the boys. The league they play in this year only plays five weeks. Price and Evan are on the same team, the Celtics, and were extremely excited to get back on the court. Their team won both games. Price towers over most other players and had quite a few three pointers. Evan continues to control the game on the court... probably the youngest player out there but he is so knowledgeable of what needs to happen.


The few other random pictures... the cold wind of the week took down a tree right onto the batting cage just as the preseason hitting practice needed to begin, Jessa found the polish and wanted to paint her toes, and Jessa just being silly while eating her "cheese" for lunch.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 4 of 2013

I am so struggling with taking a picture a day but at least I still am getting at least 7 per week AND I am posting to the blog!

This week we missed a few days due to the snow. Yes, you can see the grass through it so it wasn't too deep but our county's  back roads don't clear up fast. Evan asked for an ice-cream treat after basketball practice. I finished my crafty Chinese New Year wreath. The tooth fairy left a note, and the pretend tooth, so Brynn could have a keepsake of that adventure. More treats from our next door neighbor and some soup I made that looked good, but really wasn't.

I wanted to take a few Valentine's pictures this week. My banner was supposed to say "Be My Valentine" but came out of the package as "Be My Vine" with only two letters floating loosely in the package. Glad I only spent a dollar. Doug and I also tried to make a little backdrop stand and it turned out fairly well but is very narrow. Caleb actually came and helped me practice with it. And now I know a box of tissues will keep Jessa entertained for a good half-hour, 29 minutes longer than most activities!